The muscles of the face can be so active with emotion, speech and our day-to-day routines. With other effects of the environment, including sun, weather, harmful skin products, diet and other health conditions, we can all see lines getting etched into the skin of the face.

BOTOX® and the related medication Dysport® are both incredibly effective treatments to help prevent or even reverse the appearance of fine lines in certain areas of the face.

With Dr. Gujrati’s vast experience and knowledge of facial surgery, a BOTOX® consultation and treatment with him is based on a much deeper analysis of your face and its tissues. BOTOX® is a safe, quick and well proven treatment for many of Dr. Gujrati’s patients, and he guides them through the process of finding the best treatment dose for them – not everyone needs the same amount! Our faces are all different, and treatment with BOTOX® and Dysport® should be approached the same way.

Dr. Gujrati has an incredible level of experience with the face and hundreds of patients have continued seeking his guidance in finding their personal BOTOX® and Dysport® dose to maintain the youthful, smooth and flawless skin we all strive to keep.