Patients across the Northern California and the Central Valley have come to know Dr. Gujrati for his warmth, caring touch, and integrity. He consistently takes more time with patients to ensure they are comfortable and never feel rushed.

Dr. Gujrati’s surgical results are known far and wide for how incredibly natural they look. His philosophy is always to highlight the best features of each person in the most natural way possible. Dr. Gujrati has an amazing skill in seeing the underlying natural structure to each person’s face and designing a treatment plan that results in the most natural, rejuvenated, and refreshed appearance.

As a fellowship-trained surgeon under the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), Dr. Gujrati is part of a small group of world-renown surgeons with the highest level of knowledge and skill in the field of hair loss surgery and facial plastic surgery. He is fully committed to providing clients with exceptional and natural results. Over the years, his patients have been consistently shocked and thrilled with the care and personal time he gives them; the ease of healing from procedures because of Dr. Gujrati’s techniques; and how skillfully he is able to help them achieve the look they were hoping for. Dr. Gujrati truly understands that his patients simply want their appearance to reflect how good, young and vibrant they feel on the inside.

Dr. Gujrati was born and raised in Chicago, by two loving parents who passed on to him their generosity and dedication to always caring for others. He has trained and worked in a diverse set of elite institutions throughout the US. He has called the San Francisco Bay Area home since 2009, and he and his wife enjoy the natural beauty, cultural diversity and intelligent and forward-thinking mindset of this area of the world. They look forward to spending time learning from others with unique perspectives on life all around the world.