One of Dr. Gujrati’s personal favorite procedures, otoplasty helps to restore a more balanced look to the ears can make such a dramatically positive effect on a patient’s life.

Medically known as otoplasty, but commonly called “ear pinning”, is a procedure that can correct large, abnormally shaped, or protruding / prominent ears. Not only can this improve the overall look of your face, but it can also restore self-confidence and self-esteem, as large ears are often a source of embarrassment for young children and even adults. 

At your consultation with Dr. Gujrati, the overall shape of the ears is examined. Dr. Gujrati makes notes on where the normal folds of the ear are missing, or flat, and where there appears to be too much cartilage growth which may have pushed the ear away from the head. With these notes, a surgical plan can be made.

During the ear surgery procedure under local anesthesia and with the patient completely comfortable, an incision is made on the back of the ear and the ear is reshaped by manipulating it into a more normal position, re-creating ear ‘folds’ if necessary.  Scars will be hidden, so there will be no evidence of surgery that is visible to others. Ear surgery is an outpatient procedure, and it is performed in the comfort of our medical facility.  In adults, this procedure is typically completed within approximately 2-3 hours without the need for general anesthesia depending upon the initial shape of the ear.

While otoplasty can be done at a young age, many patients have reached adulthood either not knowing the procedure could have been done earlier or simply were not ready to undergo correction.  The best candidates for ear surgery are those with large or protruding ears. During your initial consultation, your ear examination will reveal whether the ear cartilage needs to be reshaped, reduced, or both.

Earlobe Repair is performed when the lobe of one or both ears gets stretched over time from wearing heavy earrings, gauges, or simply from age. Dr. Gujrati uses high level cosmetic techniques to achieve amazing results, giving the ear lobe back its original shape and curve. It can be repierced once full healed under Dr. Gujrati's supervision.