The Cheeks & Neck

The tissues of our face are affected greatly by exposure to the sun over our lifetime, by changes in our weight, and by our genetics that we just inherit from our family. As those tissues weaken, gravity can pull things downward, creating a loose and hanging look to our skin that often times looks more noticeable than it should for our particular age.

The skin and muscle of our cheeks and neck are usually affected the most. In those patients, Dr. Gujrati performs a Cheek & Neck Lift, a facelift procedure that truly focuses on the areas that need the most improvement. This procedure gives the appearance of a naturally tight jawline, improves the jowls that hang near the sides of the chin, and smoothens the lines on the neck, also addressing the “turkey gobble” that can form and hang from looseness of the neck skin and muscle.

The Cheek & Neck Facelift can be performed without General Anesthesia, which offers much more safety and much less risk to our patients. Dr. Gujrati has performed hundreds of these procedures in his experience. His skills and elite training allow him to offer the lifelong lasting results to his patients with lower risk and faster healing compared to the traditional Facelift using General Anesthesia.  

While other surgeons may refer to it as the “Mini Lift”, Dr. Gujrati prefers not to use that term. Minilift often means a shortcut is being taken, by only minimally tightening the skin of the cheeks.

In the Cheek & Neck Lift, Dr. Gujrati performs a full lift of the muscles and skin that have been affected – no shortcuts here. That is the reason his patients results are so natural and last a lifetime.

The Chin

The chin is an important feature of the face and neck. Some patients are born with a smaller or “weaker” bone at the chin. Without the strong structure and framework at the chin point, the muscle and skin of the neck can often look looser, start hanging down earlier in life, or create the “double chin” look to the neck. All of these cases give the appearance of a heavy neck that takes away from the clean, defined look you may want to see in yourself.

Often a Chin Implant procedure can be performed to restore structure and balance to the face and neck. Whether it is performed with or without a Cheek & Neck Lift, a chin implant is a safe, minimally invasive that can even be performed under local anesthesia. A Chin Implant adds a subtle strength to the structure of the face, giving the skin and muscle of the neck more tightness and lift.

The Forehead & Brow

Gravity, facial structure, sun exposure and natural skin type can sometimes lead to an increasingly heavy, drooping eyebrow that makes a patient look angry or tired all the time. Dr. Gujrati specializes is surgical and non-surgical procedures to help give a natural and subtle lift in this area when needed to help restore good balance to the face.