Chin Implants

The chin is an important feature of the face and neck. Some patients are born with a smaller or “weaker” bone at the chin. Without the strong structure and framework at the chin point, the muscle and skin of the neck can often look looser, start hanging down earlier in life, or create the “double chin” look to the neck. All of these cases give the appearance of a heavy neck that takes away from the clean, defined look you may want to see in yourself.

Often a Chin Implant procedure can be performed to restore structure and balance to the face and neck. Whether it is performed with or without a Cheek & Neck Lift, a chin implant is a safe, minimally invasive that can even be performed under local anesthesia. A Chin Implant adds a subtle strength to the structure of the face, giving the skin and muscle of the neck more tightness and lift.

Lip Implants

Many patients experience extreme thinning of the lips (Lip Hypoplasia or Lip Atrophy) with age or never had full lips from early on in life. Injectable Fillers (link) can provide an easy and short term improvement, but for some patients a longer lasting solution is needed.

Dr. Gujrati is one of the few skilled surgeons in Silicon Valley that has extensive experience in Lip Implants. Available in different sizes, Lip Implants can be catered very precisely to an individual patient’s particular needs, and the procedure can easily be performed in the office with Local Anesthesia. With years of surgical experience with Lip Implants and all Facial Procedures, you can trust that Dr. Gujrati can keep you safe and comfortable and provide the longterm results for lip shaping that you will love!

All of Dr. Gujrati’s patients are amazed at the ease of having the procedure done and cannot believe they did not seek out his help earlier.