One of the greatest tools available to patients around the world are Injectable Fillers, like some of the ones listed below. These help to restore the 3-dimensional shape and contour of the face as it goes through changes based on genetics, age or injury.

During a thorough examination and consultation with Dr. Gujrati, you can learn which areas of the face are most suffering from “volume depletion”, basically a loss of tissue plumpness that causes areas of the face to sink in, leaving the skin of the face more droopy and saggy.

Treatment is simple, quick and painless, but Dr. Gujrati always takes the time to ensure a natural, appropriate and balanced result for his patients. His 3D analytical skills as a surgeon, his extremely gentle touch and steady hands, and his keen artistic eye keep patients coming back to maintain their incredibly natural and pleasing results!

Dr. Gujrati treats all the appropriate areas on the face:



Circles under the Eyes

Bumps on the Nose

Hollowing of the Cheeks

Loss of the Cheekbone fullness

Jawline / Jowls




The goal of using Injectable Fillers is to achieve a natural restoration of youthful contour and shape, never overdoing or exaggerating the look of the face. Dr. Gujrati has a philosophy and approach that his patients have come to love, and it is the basis for why they have so much trust in his hands and his skills.

That is why all of Dr. Gujrati’s patients have referred or even brought in their Friends & Family Members!