Many people out there spend a great deal of money on skin care products, but it is hard for most patients to know what they should be selecting for their type of skin.

Dr. Gujrati takes great pride in understanding all the complex layers that make up the face. During your initial consultation and in all patients' follow-up exams, Dr. Gujrati spends dedicated time to help educate each patient on useful and worthwhile products specifically helpful for their skin. No two people are exactly the same, and therefore Dr. Gujrati does not treat all patients with the same products. 

Skin care does not need to cost a fortune. Dr. Gujrati examines, analyzes and gets to know you AND your skin so he can give you the best guidance possible for you. While everyone out there is looking for it, there is no magic potion for the skin. BUT there are proven prescription treatments, combination creams, and even inexpensive products that can suit your skin wonderfully. 

Education on these options for each patient is part of every patient's experience and a big part of the TruYu Touch of Excellence.